Q4 Quad Pod™

Price: 399.99

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The four legged design for Bradford Quad Pod makes this stand the most versatile free standing product on the market and more stable than any three-leg tripod. Why? Distributing the weight over an increased footprint creates stability. One of the 4 legs on the Quad Pod has a ladder incorporated into the design that is engineered to come apart into two separate pieces. The other three legs are also adjustable so that you can set this stand up on any uneven terrain. There are No cross braces, No re-drilling holes trying to make them line up, No 2 hour set-up times with a bag of nuts and bolts to hassle with. There are No tools required in the assembly or disassembly of the Bradford Quad and one person can easily set up and disassemble the stand in a matter of minutes.

The comfortable swivel seat design is the same as the Grey Ghost Tree Stand with the 360 degree rotation, comes with our Lifetime Guarantee to be 100% “noise free”. The Bradford Quad Pod is designed for you to be able to hunt at two different heights. You have the option to fully extend the legs and use both ladder sections for a total height of 14 feet at eye level, or simply telescope the legs down and use just the top ladder section to hunt at the 8 feet at eye level.

A weight capacity of 500 pounds is far more than any tripod on today’s market.

  • Telescoping legs
  • 360 degree swivel seat with seat belt
  • Lifetime 100% Noise Free Warranty
  • 500lb capacity
  • Weights 95lbs
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