Hog Pod™

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The Hog Pod got is name because we use it to hunt mainly pigs. At 5ft high at the base the Hog Pod is just high enough to be out of the “Tusk and Snake Zone” but not too high so we stick out above the brush. It weighs only 45lbs and has some adjustability for making it level. The ladder and 3 legs make the Hog Pod very stable. The platform is 24”x24” and it is just wide enough to allow the hunter the ability to put pressure on it when drawing their bow. Our comfortable swivel seat design with 360 degree rotation, comes with our Lifetime Guarantee to be 100% “noise free”. The Hog Pod works great in areas that have low brush or on the edges of really thick brush.

  • 360 degree swivel seat with seat belt
  • Lifetime 100% Noise Free Warranty
  • 500lb capacity
  • Weights 45lbs
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